Friday, November 23, 2007

The year of the mobile -

Maggie Holland at IT Pro comments:

Next year will be the year of the mobile customer, with a range of services and technologies on offer that are much cheaper and easier to use, as well as being much more sociable, according to predictions from the Mobile Data Association (MDA).
I have to say that its been a long time coming. It was in 2001 that I included mobile as an important part of online PR (in Online Public Relations - Kogan Page). Then, SMS was the issue but now the a wide range of Internet Protocol is available on many mobile devices from phones to laptops, games and even SatNav platforms.

This means that the ever widening range of platforms and channels in intertwined networks become much harder to monitor and interaction is across a wider range of touch points.

Building relationships with so many forms of communication affecting constituents attitudes and interactive behaviours becomes more challenging.

So how does the organisation respond.

Relationships, built on values and the exchange of mutually interesting values becomes the key element.

Companies, nay all organisations, only have one thing to offer - their values.

In organisations there are many value systems at play. These centre on the culture, products, services, social interactivity and other drivers that sustain existence. They are the bedrock of the organisation.

They should be explored by the PR professional and need explication to be included in the scudding clouds of internet interactivity.

As we go more mobile they play locally and globally and all the time. Now they are much closer to the individual and for one very specific reason: people have an emotional relationships with their mobile phones of the same nature as once pertained to newspapers and magazines as described by Guy Consterdine.

Values and ethics now clime further up the ladder importance in PR practice.