Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sleletons in cupboards - how do they get there?

JP Rangaswami is one of the more interesting commentators online and he came up with this utter gem today.

Sometimes I look at what we do, and I think to myself: First we take living things and make abject skeletons out of them. Then we carefully build cupboards around the newly formed skeletons. And then we wonder why we have skeletons in cupboards.

In building relationships we display our values and the things we value and judge others by the values they hold. This is true of people and organisations and very true of organisations and their stakeholders.

We are also conditioned (its part of our DNA) to judge those who hide their real selves or who try to deceive us with false values, obfuscation or untruths.

The abject skeleton of overdone brevity in the marketing in an attempt to 'grab attention' is a case in point.