Thursday, November 22, 2007

Reputation Reputation Reputation

This post is about reputation in three parts.

First it is about the reputation of Allan Edwards at Chameleon PR.

He pitched me a story in an email that said:

Hello David,

I noticed you mentioned last year’s Blast Radius UK’s Best online report on LeverWealth. This year’s report is now out, the release is below. This year’s research has shifted to look higher up the chain.

Best regards


Of course he got my interest and I quickly went back to the post on 22 November last year.

The next reputation involved were the companies involved : Jaguar Cars Tops Blast Radius Best UK Online Experience Survey 2007, Magnet, Reebok, Burberry and SSL achieve best overall ratings; Avon, Cisco, Clarks and IBM trail in `best of the best` analysis.

The third reputation is of course Blast Radius who commissioned the report.

Everyone wins.

It was excellent PR because it was about my interests, reflects what I write about and is pitched at a level that just caught my attention at the end of the day (and I even spent time on their site - which I did last year too). I also looked into their background this years to discover that WPP had bought them a year ago (another example of johnny come lately advertising groups buying into what they should have developed in-house five years ago instead of going for short term cash hoping to buy companies instead of developing cultures - watch this space).

The work is good and the survey was done by Informars, a sister company to Datamonitor, and subjective panelists to come up with the 'best online consumer experiences of 2007'.

The car companies did well:
1 Jaguar Cars Ltd.
2 Magnet Ltd.
3 Reebok International (UK) (UK)
4 Burberry Group plc (UK)
5 SSL International plc
6 Saab Great Britain Ltd.
7 Volkswagen Group (UK) Ltd.
8 Colgate-Palmolive Ltd. (UK)
9 Reckitt Benckiser plc
10 Peugeot Motor Co. plc

IBM took the 20th spot.

It is worth reading the report and visiting the websites.

If, like me you believe that a lot of reputation is tied up in web sites, their design, responsiveness and ability to act as a major part of the transition from visitors to ambassador, then this report will be of interest.

The picture is a screen shot from the magnet web site which is a great toy to play with.

Thanks Allan.