Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Museum of communication

If one was to suggest to a young person that they might have an advantage in life should they know about channels for communication, where might one send them. Where is the collection, the centre for communication channel research.

One of the problems so many people have is knowing just how many channels are out there. For too many believe that this or that approach is a silver bullet.

The traditional channels, the fora for travellers tales and old men's stories still exists and remain important and sit alongside Twitter and Facebook, books and magazines.

So where is the research about availability, use, reach and application for each of these repositories of knowledge and fun?

For one of those people who spends an amount of time trying to keep abreast of what is happening to forms of communication, its not easy. For PR, Marketing, advertising and other political, socvial and economic communicators, it must be even harder.

Ans, as we know there is quite a lot we want to know about each channel.

There may be a case for collaboration between a number of Universities.