Monday, April 02, 2007

Internet Porosity

Roy Lipski coined the expression Internet Porosity for the CIPR/PRCA Internet Commission (published by the CIPR five years ago called 'The Death of Spin' a document now lost to practitioners and members alike now that online PR seems to be of interest to the PR industry). It describes the effect when people let slip information about their organisations to an online audience.

It can be accidental, innocent or malicious but it happens a lot.

There is more about this here and there is now some new research into into Internet porosity using blogs from James Richards .

Internet Porosity (listen to the podcast and see the definitions) is by no means new and the use of blogs is pretty old too. It is a factor in any and all online PR and so this paper is important for all practitioners.
For those that take online PR risk management seriously (and we all do - don't we - and here's how), this is an interesting paper.