Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Print and digital advertising converge

The Guardian group is merging its print and digital divisions for business operations. The Guardian Unlimited ad sales’ digital and print teams will be merged into one unit, GNM Commercial.

Many newspaper publishers are currently trying (Telegraph Media Group already does) to form cross-platform advertising teams, in order to slow the ad revenue migration to online ( Source: Brand Republic )

"There's no question that the internet represents an enormous challenge to our business models,” said Sly Bailey, Trinity Mirror chief executive.

Yet she also insisted that current problems are cyclical in nature

"We expect the cycle to move back into more positive territory. And we remain convinced that newspapers, as printed products, will remain a powerful medium for many years to come," she said.

She also commented that: "there's little doubt that some of the 'old media' companies will eventually be swept away" said Bailey (Source: Media Guardian).

Meantime, to stem the tide, the FT is going Mobile.

The FT Mobile News reader is free, and gives users access to news, comments and analysis, stock valuations and a 30-day search function.