Monday, January 22, 2007

Nosy retailers lost 16 million orders

Keep you nose out of my business and listen to what I want. So say the UK's online shoppers according to Webcredible.

Webcredible, asked Internet users what would be most likely to make them abandon an online purchase. Hidden charges topped the list of frustrations for 36% of respondents followed by having to register before buying a product, which polled 31% of the votes. Other annoyances were: not providing clear delivery details (13%); not offering telephone details (10%); and lengthy checkout processes (9%).

The person in charge of relationship management among retailers need to get gritty with the margin chasers, control freaks, and email address collectors (normally un-reconstructed marketing managers and brand managers).

If the PR manager is not being robust with the control freaks they should be fired. Now!

This year, their soppy attitude cost sales and they did not tell the board to get ready for the boom in online retail sales we all knew was going to boom.

Its simple barriers are breaking down. People are getting active in social media. They share their holiday snaps, videos and location details with millions and so are not going to be shy buying online. PR people should not tolerate ninny heads who want to create barriers because they were taught to collect 'customer information' and do something stupid like have a data base for 'customer relationship management', spam and scream marketing.

I blame the PR industry. It needs something stiff up its spine instead of pink fizzy down its throat.