Sunday, December 10, 2006

Some publishers don't get it

"I do think the internet is a problem, but it is also the solution," said Fabrice Rousselot, Libération's internet editor.

"The mistake I think for any kind of media today would be to think they could do anything without the internet.

"You have to integrate the internet as part of your business model."

So far so good.

But then both the editor of the mass selling french newspaper and David Reid, the journalist on the BBC's Click programme fall off their perch.

Reid says:

"There is not much point, for example, putting exactly the same stuff on the website as they put in the paper."

Followed by this quote from Mr Rousselot.

"If you offer on your website the exact same content as in your newspaper, why would people buy the newspaper? It makes no sense economically"

But, Mr Rousselot, you miss the point. People read newspapers and people read web sites. Is a web site the same as a newspaper?

Of course not. They are different. People read newspapers because they are newspapers. They enjoy a sensation. People read articles on-line because it is news and offers them an instant of information.

Why sacrifice half of the users of an article by not having your content online?