Friday, December 22, 2006

Risk management for PR and New Media

Public Relations is not publicity and is not propaganda and, to be effective it has to be planned.

Of course there are routines one can use in the development of PR planning and management but few of the standards include the need for risk analysis to be part of the process.

In social media, the need for proper risk analysis is greater than ever and it occurred to me that it would be fun share some thoughts on this with you.

Of course, first off you might like to see the lecture slides followed by a trial I am trying out.

The slide show below is not the full version but gets the point across.

Here is an experiment in providing a risk assessment matrix for new media. I have taken a standard template that has to be edited for the medium (e.g. Blogs, RSS, Games, Podcasts etc.) and for the organisation/campaign but it does give an idea as to how pretty standard risk management techniques can be applied to PR management.

Let me know what you think.