Monday, November 06, 2006

Who is offering homes for your content

By Erick Schonfeld, Business 2.0 Magazine has an interesting view about file sharing start-ups.

I list them here but he has some excellent comments.

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Sharing Made Simple
Several new services hope to profit from letting people exchange big digital files.
AllPeers Transfers files to your buddies through a BitTorrent-based add-on to Firefox. Free Content delivery fees, peer-produced media sales
Glide Stores and shares digital media via browser-based "desktop" or smartphone 300MB free; $5/month for 1GB; $10/month for 4GB Subscription fees, software licensing
MediaMax Stores digital photos, movies, and other files on the Web 25GB free; $5-$30/month for 100-1,000GB Subscription fees; software licensing; advertising
Myfabrik Sends links to shared files stored on the Web or a Maxtor Fusion hard drive 1GB free; 49 cents/month for each additional GB Subscription fees, software licensing
Pando E-mail attachments initiates BitTorrent-based P2P transfer backed by server Free Content delivery fees, advertising
YouSendIt Sends links to uploaded files good for 14 days; designed for business use 100MB free; $5-$30/month for more Subscription fees
Zapr Turns any file or folder on your PC into a shareable Web link Free Advertising