Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Press Complaints Commission - Land Grab?

The BBC reports Press Complaints Commission director Tim Toulmin opposed government regulation of the internet, saying it should a place "in which views bloom". But unless there was a voluntary code of conduct there would be no form of redress for people angered at content.

He spoke during a session on free speech at a London race conference. Mr Toulmin described the phrases "free speech" and "free press" as relative terms because views expressed on the internet are still governed by laws such as libel and data protection.

Not to mention, one might add, the government of fearless people who respond on-line as well.

The 'silent majority' is not as silent as it used to be.

Tomlinson is also reported as saying: "If you want to see how the newspaper industry would look like if it was unchecked, then look at the internet."

well the Internet has now been arround for a long time and the world did not stop. so where is the rub? Or is this a land grab by the PPC to get its sticky fingers on blogs and YouTube?