Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Power Geeks - Bloggers

Forrester Research has said that the four million European internet users who write blogs should be "got on side" by advertisers wanting to succeed in the online market.

The company's study into blogger attributes has revealed that those who write blogs spend more time online than they do watching television, and that they spend 50 per cent more time online than regular internet users.

Crucially, Forrester reveals that bloggers are more welcoming of targeted advertising than most internet users, with 41 per cent saying they don't mind such adverts compared to an average figure of 34 per cent.

Bloggers are also more willing to investigate new products, and the social aspect of the medium means that almost 25 per cent of bloggers trust other blogs, compared to just ten per cent of all users.

"Active bloggers can make or break a brand in less than a day. Firms shouldn't fake a relationship with them or they will experience a backlash. To get bloggers on their side, firms should gain bloggers' trust by establishing an honest and transparent relation," said Forrester research director Jaap Favier.