Wednesday, November 22, 2006

On-line Retailers grab the money and run - survey

In a Release issued by Chameleon PR for Blast Radius, Research examining the whole online shopping experience - from first visit to returning unwanted items at the UK’s leading non-food online retailers - has found that even the best online retailers could deliver a very much better shopping experience.

The research, carried out by Marketing Assistance Ltd analysed the top 28 UK online retailers (selected by traffic volume) grading their performance in the run up to the expected boom in web shopping predicted for Christmas 2006.

The researchers purchased a single item from each of the sites, and then sought to return the product once it had been received. They graded their experience against a set of 36 subjective and objective criteria at every step of the process.

The study results show that investment by online retailers tends to focus on what they care about most, securing the sale.

The loosers seem to be B&Q and HMV.

HMV is still, one presumens fighting Napster and music file shareing by ripping off custmers.

1. Amazon UK
2. Dell EMEA
3. Apple Computer UK
4. Next
5. Comet
6. Tesco/ QVC UK
7. Currys/ Littlewoods
8. Asos
9. John Lewis
10. Hewlett-Packard/Marks and Spencer

I think that Wiltshire farm Foods is darn good too.