Saturday, November 18, 2006

Automatic tagging

Every person who has digital photos faces the problem of forgetting valuable information about people or objects captured on an image. Moreover, as the number of images grows, an ability to quickly find the desired image becomes crucial. Now you can annotate individual elements or parts of the image. Its a really handy idea for tagging photos in social media. It is something PR people need to be able to manage large photo libraries and tag them for use on the web.

Users can place easy-to-hide annotation tags directly on a picture in order to describe specific objects. Each tag can have an arbitrary location and contain a free text capturing the names of the people, links to Web sites or other images, explanations, translations of inscriptions, and more. The tags can be hidden in a click of a button so the original view is never spoiled.

As images are annotated, FotoTagger lets users easily find people or objects by their names or other text typed in the tags across piles of digital pictures.

To let users share annotation with an image wherever it goes, annotation tags are embedded in an ordinary JPEG file meaning the image content description always stays with the image itself. Users can publish tagged photos to, LiveJournal, as well as to their own Web sites, Flickr and other social media.

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