Wednesday, November 22, 2006

10 Minute News

Jon Silk was working his fingers hard at Lewis PR' Industry Forum this morning blogging my comments in near real time. This is Public Relations served up fast and fun.

My points are well reported which is nice . The significance of 'The Long Tail' is one that needs to be deeply implanted in the minds of both publishers and Public Relations people. Articles, photos and videos have a long , long life.

The picture is not as frightening as it the photo seems to show. Paul Charles of Virgin Atlantic chose to bring two of its new Premium Economy seats to the Forum and I just had to try one out. Paul Hender from Metrica is the other guy measuring it up.

Of course, The Lewis Forum also showed good practice. Here was an event that they presented, and blogged about at the same time. It extended the reach of the event and the Lewis brand.

PR has changed.

Very comfortable and roomy. Better than most club class seats. I now need to try out for real.