Friday, October 27, 2006

You, your family, friends, your influences, us, long, long partnership

I always feel that David Meerman-Scot is good but just misses the mark.

This paragraph is an example:
If you agree with me about the importance of buyer personas in Web marketing, then the most important next step is you need to know what you want each of your buyer personas to believe about your organization.
Absolutely right. Here he is talking about the nexus of relationships called a person going about the days toils, or a blogger, or author or wiki manager or Digg presence (etc).

Well... no he isn't.

He is talking about what buyers should believe. Who is dictating to whom? The buyer, as if an when s/he get to that point in the conversation, will have a unique set of beliefs. They will be gained from a wide range of sources, views, friends, web sites, the guy at the end of the bar.... Oh... yes and perhaps a little bit from 'your organisation'.

It can't stop there. The buyer, is now potential gold in the The Long Tail and also an un exploded bomb - forever.

Can we use the word buyer anymore?

Only in marketing meetings.