Sunday, October 15, 2006

You can vote on anything

Ian Delaney has interesting news that Revver is to partner with UK TV company FameTV to air user-created clips on the channel. Viewers will be able to send SMS messages voting for their favourites. As with its advertising, Revver will share the revenue 50-50 with the clips’ creators.

Revver is less well known than YouTube but hosts the videos from Ze Frank, Ask-a-ninja, and (now ’she’ has outed herself) lonelygirl15.

Sid Yadav comments that the system ought to work, since it compares to the other well-established ‘vote-for-your-favourite’ systems in place:

I see a clear-cut model here: users like the content, they want the owners to be paid AND they want the content to be popular (just like they want their favorite American Idol contestant to win), so why not support them by voting for them?

Over on the FameTV site, there’s more explanation:

On Fame TV, viewers will be able to create their own moments of fame by uploading video clips, pictures and texts via mobile phones and the internet. Broadcasting will take place all year round, 24/7, and be available to Sky customers in the UK and Ireland.

Fame TV aims to broadcast all video submissions live on air within 15 minutes of the user submitting the content. Viewers are invited to send in their own music selection which will play as the backing soundtrack to their clip during broadcast.

There is more on Ian's post.

What interests me is how this model can be applied in PR activities. Thus one might see a user group (cars, computers, washing machines - oh! anything) offering content that can be shared with friends, voted on and broadcast as a bit of fun and community building.

What a blast!