Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why we need Ajax

Now this is going to be difficult. Its about Ajax an approach to software development and what is comming up.

In the tech world Ajax its cool.

To PR practitioners its about being able to use information from one source and mix it with another source as an understandable page of information.

Look boss - no hands.

The process allows data to interact without you doing anything. It allows you to look at data from different perspectives. Er... should this photo be top right or bottom left and which title are we going to use for the MD.. is he a CEO today?

With XPRL (of course I expect that you are already demanding that any data coming into your company or agency is compliant) you can get Ajax software people to knock up all sorts of gizmo's really fast and really cheap (but you need XPRL to make it REALLY cheap).

One of the reasons all this is cool is at Read/Write today.

They comment on the Ektron and SitePoint survey of 5,000 web developers in a report entitled The State of Web Development 2006/2007.

One thing to note is that most development is XML based (blogs, RSS, wikis etc all depend heavily on XML standards) . The other thing to note is the sort of stuff that developers think are critical this year.

  • Real-time visual 3D view and navigation of a site
  • more standards compliance, responsible use of technologies and semantics
  • portable information progress
  • Paradigm shift: you will not search the Web for information. You will define what you want, and the Web will collect it for you.
  • Voice interactivity/navigation
  • " immersion. Cell phones, PDAs, laptops, PCs, TVs – so many different ways exist to access the Web and more are added every day. The Web is going to become –if it hasn’t already – the hub on which the world spins."
  • "Integration of Internet technologies into everyday life that does not involve a desktop or even a mobile/cell/PDA"