Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Universal to sue Sony Picture

Universal Music has filed lawsuits against two video-sharing websites, one owned by Sony Pictures, for allowing users to swap pirated versions of its musicians' videos, reports the Guardian.

The two websites are and Grouper, the latter being the website that Sony agreed to buy in August for $65m (£35m). Universal Music has stated that it is retaining the right to add Sony Pictures to the suit.

Of course, Universal is shooting itself in the foot. The key to getting revenue is more outlets not less.

Creating opportunities for people to use content attracts audiences. The kind of audience that wants the product.

Being creative about how content can attract revenues, and by that I do not just mean advertising...... let me see - sponsorship, product placement, branded goods ... do I need to say more to a creative audience? These are revenues with 'long tail' values. Oh what is their problem?