Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ultra Mobile

Business2Day has an interesting piece about a small New York City startup called Transmedia it is getting ready to launch Glide 2.0, the second version of its Webtop software.

It is also partnering with Intel to include the Glide service with all upcoming ultramobile PCs (new devices bigger than a Treo but smaller than a laptop, with only a touchscreen). While Google just yesterday merged its Web docs and spreadsheets, Transmedia is much further along in developing a full-fledged Webtop that combines a Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, calendar, contacts, bookmarks, e-mail, and photo editor. It also lets you upload and share all your digital music, photos, and video. "All the apps are integrated. Each app is one click from the next," says Transmedia CEO Donald Leka. And, oh yeah, any file, document, photo, or video on Glide can be accessed from many mobile phones (because everything is transcoded into flash). It can also sync all of your files between Glide, your desktop PC, your laptop, and your mobile devices.
These developments are new platforms and offer new channels for communication.

Detaching the Internet from the ubiquitous PC is very important. It adds a lot to the reach and versatility of the net. It is also a big challenge. There will be few places that are private and secure as mobile takes hold (see this post to know what this means).