Monday, October 02, 2006

TV is dead? Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis in the The Guardian suggests that the definition of television is up for grabs.

His article begins with a disagreement with Amanda Congdon - a daunting experience no doubt.

The video blog made Amanda Congdon a star on the internet. It earned her a guest slot on the TV series CSI. It got her considerable publicity in the major American media when she left the vlog. And it just plopped her into a hybrid car with her name emblazoned on the side for an internet-video tour of the US. That was what brought her to my den in New Jersey with three friends wielding cameras for an interview that is now online at

Amanda and I got into a tussle over television. I said she was creating the new TV. She dismissed the label "television" and insisted she was making something else, a video blog. But I argued that the definition of television is up for grabs. What is TV now? We don't know yet, for every time I think I've spotted all the sticks of dynamite set to explode under old, linear television, I discover new fuses sizzling.

Apple has just announced iTV, a box that will wirelessly transport internet video on to our televisions. Thus, the line between broadcast and online - like the line between terrestrial and cable or satellite - is erased.

I have no trouble with this idea except that there is huge market inertia.

In the meantime, the success of Sixty Second View in its niche is an example of how powerful this new for of TV can and will be.