Thursday, October 05, 2006

Transforming a newspaper into a multimedia house

Kevin Anderson reports on the way Ulrik Haagerup has transformed his traditional newspapers.

This was the second time in a year that I've heard Ulrik speak, and it's a real treat. I first heard him talk at an IFRA convergence workshop last summer. His ideas are compelling, but his new media leadership is some of the best in the world. He clearly communicates a plan of action for media organisations but he also has a management framework that helps organisations help staff through the change.

They now have a multimedia newsroom. They don't have newspaper reporters or radio reporters. They have reporters. They create story for all media, but not all stories are created for all media. He broke it down this way as media and their strengths:
TV- feelings
Radio- here and now
Web- searchable and depth
Mobile- everywhere
Traffic paper- find time
Weekly- to everyone
Daily- stops time

We are seeing this in the changes at the FT and Daily Telegraph. The item makes interesting reading.