Monday, October 16, 2006

Sky ousts Beeb - Now go for digital posters for PR campaigning

Mark Sweney at tells us:

Sky News is to be broadcast in major Network Rail stations across the UK, replacing BBC News 24.

Transvision, the national digital outdoor screen network owned by Titan Outdoor, chose Sky News after a pitch against BBC News last week.

The outdoor network, which is seen by around three million people each week, will provide five strands of Sky News including main headlines, financial, entertainment and sports news and the weather.

There is a case for much wider use of big screens offering interesting content. The technology is changing fast and soon we will gave digital posters like this one all over the place.

In fact, for direct communication, this is a really cool tool for PR. In addition, when pitching a story to Sky, are you asking if it will be available through this added communication channel.