Thursday, October 05, 2006

PR's looking in wrong direction

'The speed of technological change' is a phrase frequently used in the media. It creates an image of a fast-paced world in which the advancement of gadgets is relentless. But the man on the street, it seems, is being left behind.

Sounds like Director General of my acquaintance. Actually it comes from a certain Haymarket publication hiding behind passwords that i have not got time to fiddle with.

Of course, this writer is wrong. He is just looking in the wrong direction. He can't see that technology is not just about a PC in the bedroom.

This stuff is not about Q: 'do you know about blogging?' ..... A: 'No but I have a few web sites I go to - an sometimes I comment'... You don't have to call it a blog to be able to use it.

You don't have to call it near field communication - you can call it an Oyster card or a season ticket.

The £5000 people spend each year on gadgets is of no consequence? Best of Stuff, claims that 30% of Brits own up to 15 gadgets, with mobile phones voted as 'top gadget' by 26% of respondents.

More than one million Freeview digital TV boxes or televisions with built-in digital tuners are being sold every three months as Britons prepare for the digital switchover, industry regulator Ofcom said on Wednesday.

The use of things like Oyster cards to get into football matches, the uptake of digital TV (zero to over 50% in less than a year) and all those things have passed this contributor by.

So much for the platforms but what then of football podcasts and blogs, YouTube look alike products and BeBo being the fastest growing searched for brand this year.....

The man in the street, far from being left behind is buying beers with his cell phone.

Its the PR industry that is being left behind.