Sunday, October 01, 2006

PR event listing online - in social media

Sam Sethi is proposing either putting together a “socialtext” wiki to enable event organisers to list their own events on TechCrunch or

Either way, it is a good idea for Web 2.0 and Mobile start-ups in the UK (the topic for TechCrunch).

It would also be a really cool idea for the PR industry and an inititaive like this by the CIPR, would be a boon for practitioners (over half of members are responsible fo organising events).

It needs to be open (not hidden behind some member firewall) to offer a real service to the whole industry and would help the CIPR live up to its claim as 'The ears and eyes' of the industry.

Of course, one would expect its to be XPRL compliant and with RSS feeds to make it easy for the industry to make it interoperable