Saturday, October 14, 2006

People are shy online

Jakob Nielsen's latest Alertbox discusses participation inequality in online communities, where 1% of users account for almost all the action. Blogs have the worst participation inequality, says Nielsen. "The problem is that the overall system is not representative of Web users."

BL Ochman has her own views....

I agree there is inertia and the details of the research is here.

It take courage to change other peoples ideas and work. We are at the very beginning of this liberalisation of interactions.

Interactivity has been suppressed by so many dominant coalitions on so many occasions that people have reservations.

There are plenty who would control the message, the conversation, the population.

Are they really right, is social media self governing?

No it is not. There are rules. Some have legal sanction like copyright. Some are held in trust because people understand and sign up to the values (or their perceived values) of their organisation.

But given the freedom to be transparent, the interactions offer huge benefits to the individual and organisations so encouragement has a major upside.