Monday, October 16, 2006

Pay-for-play PR is bad - always

Gary Bivings has a comment about 'pay for play'.

... it seems that PR types and marketers are paying bloggers to write favoarble stories about client products. There's a story(not yet online) in the November issues of Smart Money called "Bloggers" by Anne Kadet highlighting this new (perhaps not, alas) and sordid trend. There's even a company called that as its name implies pays blogger for posts. Seems about as reputable as paying individuals and companies to fradulently click on search engine ads. (Yes, this is a real problem.)

If you have to pay for it, you are not doing it right. You will be found out, your client/organisation's reputation will suffer and the blogger in on the deal will be ignored by the 'real' people in the conversation.