Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One in ten are bloggers

Here is a nice quote for Colin Farrington:
All the world's a multimedia platform, and all the men and women merely bloggers. Or perhaps to blog or not to blog sums up better the sense of Hamletian introspection, the solitary unburdening of one's hopes and fears.
It comes from Tom Leonard writing for the Telegraph. He reports:

Research published yesterday by Harris Interactive suggested that nearly one internet user in 10 has started a blog.
The big suprise is how few undergraduates are bloggers. In Bournemouth the figure is (was) 2%. So these figures worry me a little:

The figure suggests that the blogging habit goes way beyond the teenager stereotype and, today, charities including the National Trust and English Heritage are asking all of us to submit a blog of our day to a website ( to provide a snapshot of a day (October 17) in the life of Britain.

Once more famous for people wanting to talk about their sex lives, their views on politics or, perhaps, just what they had for dinner, blogs are now frequently seizing the news agenda.

Who'd have thought David Cameron would ever jump on a fashionable bandwagon? But sure enough, he has his own blog, featuring video clips of his thoughts on cleaning up politics and his actions on cleaning up the kitchen, while his children scream in the background.......

Perhaps David C has more than one blog.