Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Newspaper competes with TV for hard news

The Express & Echo in Exeter beat television news to a major regional story by publishing a video report on its website Reports the Press Gazette.

Using only a £190 camcorder and consumer software, the paper rushed an exclusive story onto the web which revealed that Devon County Council's preferred bidder for Exeter Airport was a consortium of London City Airport and Balfour Beattie.

Online PR practices can now learn the lesson that Newspapers take theironline presence very, very seriously. Contributing to this new mindset is essential in PR practice.

This means we need a new form of media release, we need a much wider range of elements we offer to the media (backgrounders, photo, video, re-purposed content for mobiles, blogs, contribution to media wiki's, podcasts and so forth).

To do this effectively we need XPRL..... but you know this don't you?

This is the new PR.