Friday, October 13, 2006

Medical podcast covered in glory

The University of Leicester has been pioneering the use of social media for quite a long time. MicrobiologyBytes is one of its great successes and has a number off awards and accolades reports Medical News.

Creator of MicrobiologyBytes, Dr Alan Cann, of the University's Department of Biology, commented: “There's a tremendous storehouse of knowledge locked up in universities. New technology, such as web 2.0 - the read-write internet - allows us to share this by blogging and podcasting.<br>
“The aim of MicrogiologyBytes is to bring people the latest news from the forefront of biomedical research in a form that everyone can understand. Obviously, I hope that this will also attract more students to the University of Leicester, but I don't expect that someone who listens to my podcasts in, say, Mexico, will turn up on the doorstop wanting to study for a degree. It's all about the conversation we should have with the public.”

It is worth following these experiments to see how they can be applied to PR practice.