Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Managing vulnerabilities

Cyber-Ark Software has announced the surprising results of its 2006 Privileged Password Survey.

Privileged passwords are the non-personal passwords that exist in virtually every device or software application in a company.

Managing Information reports on vulnerabilities.

2006 Privileged Password Survey reveals that privileged passwords are far more common in enterprises than previously thought: approximately one-half of all enterprises contain more privileged passwords than individual ones.

Secondly, although these privileged passwords provide "super-user" system access, the survey exposes that up to 42% are never updated, a frightening prospect in today’s environment of increased audits and hacker attacks. In fact, half of the IT professionals surveyed reveal that they’re concerned about audits, and 6 out of 10 state that their organization has been hacked.

This reveals a problem for mangaging issues in PR. You may find just asking the question for your issues management programme may save a lot of future embarrassment.