Friday, October 27, 2006

Magazine tinkers at the edges

I saw this today... It is as under-whelming as it is possible to get. Where is the picture sharing, the comment from the stars and the punters in podcasts? How much is going to make YouTube? Are there going to be Skype conferences and conversations on Skype?
Judge for your selves...

IPC Ignite!'s Uncut has overhauled its website, including a design revamp and the introduction of a daily news service, as the monthly music and film title battles to reverse a circulation slide for its print version.

The news pages of the website include exclusive stories and a blog by Uncut editor Allen Jones, with the first covering Bob Dylan's tour of North America.

Anthony Thornton, IPC Ignite! digital editor-in-chief, said: "Uncut's daily news service is the perfect complement to the distinctive world famous in depth coverage in the monthly magazine. Uncut's no longer a monthly event, it's daily."