Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A LexisNexis sponsored survey reported in says:

When asked for their top three choices for accurate and up-to-the-minute information, 50 per cent of people surveyed chose network/local television, 42 per cent chose radio, and 37 per cent chose newspapers. Slightly more than a third picked cable news or business networks, and 25 per cent said they went to "internet sites of print and broadcast media". Only six per cent said they turned to "emerging media" sources.

When asked to choose the top five topics that interested them, consumers were more into pop culture than politics. The most popular topics, chosen by about a third of the consumers surveyed, are popular entertainment (books, movies, music, TV, plays), hobbies, weather and food/cooking/dining. Almost a quarter of the people chose sports.

Of course, social media as a whole is one thing but I am reasonably happy with the sources I use but RSS is not well understood in domestic circumstances yet.

For the PR practitioner this suggests that there remains an imperative to work across all media - as always.