Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kevin Anderson is reporting on the AOL meeting.

His current contribution is great and reports on contributions from:

  • Tom Bureau, CNET Networks UK
  • Adriana Cronin-Lukas, Big Blog Company
  • Lloyd Shepherd, Yahoo!

From which I took these thoughts, which I like:

This is not about technology but a developing culture. This about creating content and distributing it like never before. The one trend driving this on all sorts of fronts. The consumer is no more. The monolithic is no more. People are contributing. Does this technology allow people to do what they could not do before?

In the early days, lots of people see the internete as another channel. TV, print, radio and internet are just seen as another distribution channel. But the internet is a sea for the other channels. It is creating leaks from these other channels. We all swim in the same pool. The internet is not a one way channel.

The internet is a network. Users are rerouting around the gatekeepers.

It's important to think about who you serve. There is only a small sliver of groups who will contribute, but they are very important. Try to focus on the top third of level of passion/expertise and numbers. Do not try to reach the 'true freaks' but with 'avid contributors' with a very deep way.