Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Its dawned on the FT

The Financial Times will next week launch FT Alphaville - a digital news and commentary service.

The sub-site of, which will feature blogs and rolling discussions, is aimed at finance professionals working in hedge funds, private equity and investment banking.

Lionel Barber, FT editor, said: "Our readers need timely and tailored news - FT Alphaville will do just that.

"The '6am cut' will allow readers to pick up vital financial news either on their way to work or as soon as they get into the office and the rolling blog and online discussions will mean FT Alphaville will constantly be on top of breaking financial news, giving readers core relevant information when they need it."
The FT could do better. 'Relevant news at a time and via a channel of the readers' choosing is a good model and better than 'buy this product'.

But, where there is wifi... there is a channel that is as good as broadcast.

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