Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Instant publication of press releases - anybody?

David Meerman has an interesting post about Yesterday in the 'press release' distribution business.

He sums up with some advice that I add below.

For the nonse, this is OK but I just wonder what the business model is for the future.

Yesterday, talking to Peter Wilson, we pondered on how easy it would be for a distribution agency/publishing house to render 'press releases' ready for page and ready for print by using XPRL. Of course it is dead easy, would cut out a load of journalist's time and, from reliable sources, would be an instant pass straight through the system.

The whole business is designed to make it easy.

David's points are as follows:

The important things to consider before you send a release through any service are:
1. What reach does the service have into the ways that buyers search for news such as Google News, Yahoo News, vertical portals and online news sites?
2. What reach does the service have into the media that you want to target?
3. What value added social media tools such as tagging via Technorati, DIGG, and does the service provide?

Compare the various services and the pricing levels and choose accordingly. "We've always sent releases through XYZ wire" is not a good reason to continue to use that service.