Thursday, October 26, 2006

IBM as a Model

This is a valuable case study:

"Often credited as being a pioneer in investor relations podcasting, IBM is one of the few companies that has used podcasting with a strategic communications objective rather than just as a parallel distribution channel.

"Starting in August 2005, the company ran a series of interviews with company experts discussing future trends in particular industries. It called the series “IBM and the future of” and its primary objective was to educate investors and demonstrate the depth of expertise inside the company.

"IBM’s podcasting series, which was also available in transcript form, had the happy side benefit of producing significant positive press for the company in the mainstream media as well as on a wide range of smaller websites and blogs.

"That may help account for the fact that as of a couple weeks ago, IBM’s podcasts had been downloaded 186,000 times — a huge figure when compared with other companies’ podcasts."

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