Thursday, October 05, 2006

Google mystery

I noted this in my RSS reader from Read/Write web. And the page has been taken down too:

"I've been tipped off about some mysterious Google screenshots - including what appears to be a mock-up for a Google Web Office product, called Google RS. The screenshots were at this location, but have since been taken down. Luckily I saved them just before that happened ;-) Here they are:






What do these screenshots mean? Perhaps just the noodling of a Google freelance designer. But that Google RS one seems significant. The WebThoughts blog was the first to post about this and his comments about Google RS are great:

"So, it seems as if Google will incorporate Gmail, Calendar, PicasaWeb, Blogger, Writely, Spreadsheet and Notebook to this new service.

I guess that this also includes GDrive (leaked as “Platypus”), and a combined web-interface. I guess that Writely and PicasaWeb will get different user interfaces, Writely will be orientated on Spreadsheets (which indeed looks better IMO).

Another part of the deal could be Google Reader, which has recently been updated to the unified Google interface."

More on this as it develops..."