Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gamers rock round the world

This attracted my attention from NMK.

This is a form of Second Life but in a more controlled environment. It is a channel for communication which is very 'sticky'. Gamers spend hours in this space and is an opportunity for engaging audiences.

With MMORPGs (massively mulltiplayer online role playing games) rapidly gaining traction in the media world, will we soon be talking about the latest "virtual" reality shows instead of Big Brother?

In turn, this event will ask if UK creative suppliers, agencies and brands are ready to grasp emerging opportunities in this new media space.

World of Warcraft is one of the most played games in North America, and the most played American MMORPG, with a total of over 6 million customers worldwide. As of the first half of 2005, Lineage II counted over 2.25 million subscribers worldwide, with servers in Japan, China, North America, and lastly, Europe. The free Korean MapleStory features purchasable game "enhancements" and claims to have more than 30 million players in all of its many versions, with the majority of them from East Asia.