Friday, October 13, 2006

Found-out fake is a fake PR

Shel Holtz is on the case: a blog ostensibly authored by a couple traveling across America in their RV and spending nights parked in WalMart parking lots turned out to be a fake blog, the brainchild of WalMart’s PR counselors at Edelman. While fake blogs (and other fake social media) are nothing new, it’s dismaying to see it emerge from Edelman, which has some of the smarter new-media people on its staff (Phil Gomes, Michael Wiley, Steve Rubel and more), and which touts itself as the PR firm that truly gets social media.

If publicists believes they can fool all the people all the time especially when 'all the people' run into millions, they are nuts. Publicists who do it should not regard themselves as part of the public relations profession,. In the UK this practice is not permitted among CIPR members.