Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fake metrics in evaluation by fakers in PR

I note from the Institute for Public Relations site that they have bitten the bullet on multipliers.

There are some limited and highly specialist areas of our work where long experience shows there is a statistical correlation between and out-take and outcome. It is rare. I have no evidence to support this but have friends who say they have.

This week's Conversations column introduces a new paper (free on the Institute website) by Mark Weiner, president of Delahaye, and Don Bartholomew, senior vice president of MWW Group. In "Dispelling the Myth of PR Multipliers and Other Inflationary Audience Measures," the authors describe the ways in which multipliers are used by public relations professionals to report total impressions and value.

Multipliers are fake figures. Having evaluated millions of press clips - yes MILLIONS, I have no evidence to show there is a consistent multiplier.

The agencies who apply fiddle factor are conning their clients....