Friday, October 27, 2006

Eight days to compete with television

A film highlighting how journalists in the UK have learned to deliver TV news in eight days has been nominated for an international award in Berlin.

The film 8 Days features eight regional journalists working on papers including the Hull Daily Mail, the Liverpool Echo and the Manchester Evening News, getting to grips with a murder case re-enacted by Cleveland Police.

We are now seeing local newspapers develop both video and sound capability in order that they can compete with, mostly, local television. Of course, local newspapers provide considerable feedstock to national press radio and TV and can charge good money for well produced stories.

For PR, this means that there is a need to be able to offer stories as audio and video fests aw well as text and photos.

The film, made by senior lecturer at the University of Westminster David Dunkley Gyimah, focused on journalists training at Press Association's video training course.