Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Corporate Social Responsibility - makes me shudder

Vodafone may be under the cosh from shareholders but it emerged today as a world-beater when it comes to corporate social responsibility.

The mobile phone giant led by the embattled Arun Sarin has been ranked as the world's most accountable business in a survey by AccountAbility, a London thinktank on organisational and corporate accountability, and csrnetwork, a British corporate responsibility network.

So says the Guardian

As soon as I see Corporate Social Responsibility, I give a little shudder. If not responsible - not corporate. Just an accident waiting to happen - and shareholders will gnash thier teeth twice over.

If a company needs to hang CSR on its sleve, the person i/c PR should be going round wringing necks to get rid of those who are not responsible - especailly in the week the Enron Chief got banged up.

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