Thursday, October 19, 2006

Citizendium goes live

In a press release issued this week, Sanger, who is now on leave of absence from the Digital Universe Foundation announced the progress to a pilot project. "A major new encyclopedia project will soon attempt to unseat Wikipedia as the go-to destination for general information online. Like Wikipedia, the Citizendium (sit-ih-ZEN-dee-um), or "the Citizen's Compendium," will be a wiki project open to public collaboration. But, unlike Wikipedia, the community will be guided by expert editors, and contributors will be expected to use their own names, not anonymous pseudonyms. This week, the fledgling Citizendium Foundation will launch a six-week pilot project open to potential contributors by invitation (see"

In an era when trust and recommendation make or mar content this could be a valuable tool for PR to use when providing background information.