Sunday, October 01, 2006

Brands are sets of values

The idea that brand are a set of values is prettty old hat but works well in the Relationship Value Model which is why it is good to hear marketing people talking like Public Relations people.

A post in Marketingweb makes this contribution:

In a world of spreading social influence due to the internet, brands are sets of values and ideas whose importance ebbs and flows among communities. Social influence affects which ideas are important within a group of people to such a degree that it is very hard to make accurate predictions. (Important values and perceptions may diverge in different communities and cultures). So we need to become far more flexible in how we manage brands. Coca-Cola has begun to address this by using different colours for its brand in England, depending on the colours of the football team that it supports.
The extract is from Nilewide Vol 22 No 13. For more information or to subscribe, go to and costs mega bucks (unlike the Relationship Value Model - which is free) but is informative and most of it is here.