Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blog cop on rack

CONTROVERSIAL Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom is to face an inquiry over his use of the North Wales Police blog to label people "idiots".

The issue will be discussed behind closed doors by the police authority's professional standards committee next week.

Authority member Darren Millar, a Conservative candidate at next year's Assembly elections, said there had been complaints from members of the public about the Brunstrom blog, which the Chief Constable updates just about every day.

Recent entries have criticised opponents of a needle exchange scheme as "nimbys" and called a driver a "dangerous idiot" after she broke the speed limit going to a speed awareness course.

Well, Darren Millar is, of course, a saint when some idiot cuts him up doing a a ton on on Welsh roads. I guess he says 'poor dahling - just needs quiet counselling'.

A real voice is a bit too close to home for a politician I guess.
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