Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Would you 'choose' the adds you want to see?

Ashley Friedlein of e-consultancy discusses the news that Bebo is overhauling its advertising model in order to let its users choose what types of ads they see.

His arguments are pretty good and his answers are relevant to the Public Relations Industry.

Its pretty obvious that the advertsing model is not going to work. Just live with the idea.

There is a model that shows that attention getting is important.

That is what this post has done. I have greated the opportunity for you to go and look at the story on the e-consultancy site.

And ... know what... not an advert in sight!

The Social Media model is different.

Here are the questions that Ashley tries to answer:

Is this idea misguided? Or is this the future of advertising?

1. Do users really not mind advertising (as Justin Pearse claims)?

2. How many users will choose toilet roll ads and mortgage ads?

3. How many users will actually make the effort to tailor their ads?

4. Will users keep their profile / interests up to date?

5. Will the ads be better than search?