Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where are the TV audiences going - on-line of course

With TV audiences dwindling and interest in online video content on the rise, it seems that audiences do not just want to watch TV shows any more.

They want to make and star in them too says Marc Cieslak of the BBC.

According to Cieslak, Google's Patrick Walker believes a number of factors are coming together at the moment to facilitate this.

"First of all there is an incredible amount of bandwidth available. People have broadband at home so the speed is much faster than ever before," he says.

"Couple that with really easy tools of production from a basic webcam and being able to record that, to filming something and plugging your camera into a PC and doing some basic editing. Also storage cost has come down considerably."

This offers a range of PR opportunities.

First of course, this is a great way to share information about your organisation and its 'actors'. It offers sponsorship opportunities to people who make 'home made TV'. There are opportunities to re-purpose and redistribute relevant content from the existing services and all this content can be transferred from the computer to cell phone to handheld to iPod. It is then available to all employees to use and show to clients and friends in offices pubs and even in shops.