Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When pitching leave contact details

I talked about specialist vertical search engines yesterday and got a comment that was really a pitch.

It was anonymous. There is no evidence of who owns and runs the company, there is no contact address and it may easily be a scam from the Spanish Mafia without delving into the labyrinth of Companies House. The sites that are being promoted equally do not have contact information that helps so we do not know who this is and are expected to reveal our email address to them.

On yer Bike!

Of course I will not post spam comment especially if it could come from the man in the moon. But this serves as a lesson in how not to do online PR in the bloggersphere. Transparency is vitally important.

This is what the comment said:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Vertical Search":

Hi, David We would like you to check our vertical search sites: - Trovit Jobs - Trovit cars, second hand cars - Trovit Homes, real estate We hope you like them!

As it happens, the site is registered to
Enrique Dominguez of Rossello 277 6, BArcelona, 08034, Spain and was registered in March.

I still would not trust this site with my email address.