Monday, September 25, 2006

Unmanned blog

A week in politics is said to be a long time (Harold Wilson) and a week in cyberspace is an eternity and for Lionel Zetter, the incoming president of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations combining both is going to be hard now that he has to take on the role of writing PRVoice the blog of the CIPR presidential incumbent.

Lionel will be busy this week and next at Party political conferences where his firm have big stands equipped with handouts and giveaways and 'manned' by some very earnest, some even glamorous, political lobbyists and trainees.

Lionel promises at least two people to man the stand all the time "Nothing looks sadder than an unmanned stand,” he said to the Times .

Soon, one hopes, he will be saying the same of PRVoice which has been unmanned for 14 Days.

It is interesting that in the deeply thought through and careful devined strategy for the 'President's blog' that it will only have intermittent content in an era when the evolution of social media is so rapid and so much is controvercial.